I'm a software developer, sailor, and musician in Seattle, Washington. For the last few years, my technical work has been mainly in the Apple ecosystem, with forays into Python to build supporting databases. I've previously been a research programmer for local, regional, and global environmental simulations, and created a very early global shipping tracker. Most of my personal projects have a geographic data component or maritime connection.

Currently I'm working on some projects for Apple's Vision Pro headset. I've architected projects that used AIS data feeds, Bluetooth LE, and MapServer, targeting Mac, iOS, and web. I have taught macOS and iOS development in Swift and in Objective-C at the University of Washington.

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Newly released: Apollo Stereo for Apple Vision Pro, which presents the 3D images captured by the Apollo Lunar Surface Closeup Camera. Get it on the visionOS App Store. Requires Apple Vision Pro.